July 05 2018, Infiniti of Windsor


Performance With a Promise

Feeling protected and taken care of is a invaluable part of the Infiniti customer service objective. That is why we offer an extensive warranty on all Certified Pre-Own vehicles. So that you understand – the term “comprehensive” is a term commonly used for a warranty which covers the entire car – this one is only a powertrain warranty and we don’t want to over promise.


Rental Vehicle Assistance
Towing Assistance
Oil & Oil Filter Changes (Platinum Plans only)
Premium Roadside Assistance, including Emergency
Service Call, Fuel Delivery, Tire Change, and More


Providing added value with our wear and tear warranty. Coverage includes shocks, struts, mufflers and brake pads, and is in effect for the term of the contract purchased. Only part coverage applies; labour is not included.

What Is Covered Under the Standard Powertrain Warranty:


Cylinder block, and head(s) including all internallubricated parts, valve cover(s), timing gears, tensioner(s), timing chain or timing belt other than maintenance, harmonic balancer, crankshaft pulley, intakeand exhaust manifolds and collector(s), oil pump, drive plate, flywheel ring gear and engine mounts, supercharger/turbocharger housing and internal parts, supercharger/turbocharger valves, water pump, and seals and gaskets for listed components.


Transmission case(s) and all internal parts including the torque converter, transmission mounts, clutch master cylinder, gaskets and seals for listed components.


Constant velocity joints except boots, axle shafts, final drive housing & internal parts, front wheel bearings, gaskets and seals for listedcomponents.

Rear Wheel Drive and Four Wheel Drive

Differential case and all internal parts, drive shafts, propeller shaft(s), universal joints (journal assemblies), axle shafts, axle bearings and retainers, free running hubs, constant velocity joints except boots, transfer case and all internal parts, viscous coupling, gaskets and seals for listed components.

High Tech Components

A/T control unit, A/T fluid temperature sensor and revolution sensor.

Infiniti Elite Protection Plan (IEPP) Covered Components

The Infiniti Elite Protection Plan is a comprehensive service plan which covers all the same components as the New Vehicle Limited Warranty and theInfiniti Warranty Information booklet supplied with the Vehicle and published onwww.infiniti.ca (except those items listed on the back of the Infiniti CertifiedPre-Owned Application Form under the What Is Not Covered section).

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July 05 2018, Infiniti of Windsor

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